I. 1. There isn't much water in the pond.

2. How many children does Mr. Heru have?

3. I only put little sugar in my tea because I know sugar is bad for my teeth.

4. She is on diet. She just eat little meat.

5. Basyir can find many information in the brochure.

6. Are there many people in the party?

7. The gardener plants a few flowers in the garden because the area is small.

8. There aren't many tourists in this place this month.

9. There is only a little jam in the jar.

10. How much money do you spend?

II. 1. Do you eat meat? Yes, a little

2. I meet some friends in the party

3. Do you receive much emails?

4. I'm sorry, but I don't have much time.

5. We only have little time to finish work.


Many artinya banyak, digunakan utk countable noun (benda yg dapat dihitung).

Much artinya banyak, digunakan utk uncountable noun (benda yg tdk dapat dihitung).

A few & Few artinya sedikit, digunakan utk countable noun,

perbedaan A Few & Few,

- A Few utk konotasi yg positif.

- Few utk konotasi yg negatif (sangat sedikit).

A Little & Little artinya sedikit, digunakan utk uncountable noun,

perbedaan A Little & Little sama seperti A Few & Few.


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