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tolong lah besok pagi di kumpulkan
bantuin pliss bsok dikumpulinpoinnya banyak lhooo kak pliss bantu jawab no ngasal ya​
5 complete the sentences with words used in the dialogues and notes . example : i'm not the best person .. to answer that question . i didn't catch yo … ur ... ..could you repeat it ? unfortunately the downward . a b .... is going to continue . c i'd like to make another .... d the results give a misleading ............ of last year's performance . e what kind of growth .... are we hoping to achieve ? f we are very disappointed with the sharp ... .... in sales . g sales reached their highest ............ in the summer . h a lot has happened during the previous six - month .... *****
5. tuliskan tentang formula pakan kelinci yang baik
5. my younger sister and i ............ three cats. they ........... cute.
oustra gratau he to ​
4. Jojo is an entertainer, and his ability is He can write a poem. He can sing a song He can play football. He can ride a bike. timo 5 a. b. C. d. don … 't have​
Mr. Haris : Congratulations Bubu for being elected as a chairman of student organization : Thank you very much, Sir. It's really an honor for me to ho … ld this position. Mr. Haris: I must to tell you that your duties are not easy. You must be an example for other students in our school. Bubu : Yes, Sir. I will do my best. Mr. Haris: You must motivate your friends both in class and in organization. You also mustn't forget your main goal that is studying. Bubu :. I understand, Sir. Mr. Haris : Now it's time for you to have a meeting with other organization members to make a new student organization management. Bubu : Alright. I've already made a schedule for that. It will be tomorrow after school thank you very much for your short briefing. Mr. Haris: You are welcome and good luck. 1. Where does the dialogue above take place? Answer: 2. Who are involved in the dialogue above? Answer: 3. What is Bubu position based on the dialogue above? Answer: What must Bubu do in his new position? Answer: Who is Mr. Haris? Answer:.​
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